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A flexible grid-based premium Tumblr theme that is perfect for sharing creative inspiration. Inspire Well is perfect for mobile photo blogging, design portfolio, and sharing family life.

Change the colors, upload a background image, and customize 30+ options to make Inspire Well your own unique style. See all the features and 3rd party support as well as the version history.


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Inspire Well premium Tumblr theme is a flexible grid-based layout ideal for currating inspiration, sharing your creations, and documenting life.  You have complete creative freedom in customizing your site and control over the unique grid layout with small, medium and large posts. Make Inspire Well your own with 40+ options in the Appearance menu including support Disqus, Google Analytics, Clicky, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more.

Flexible Layout


Control your site layout with post tags.  Add the tag “xs” for small one column width posts and “xl” for larger posts covering three columns.  Without the size tags your posts will default to two columns wide.  If you want to force all your posts to the small or default size you have that option in the Customize > Appearance menu.

Unique Typography


Inspire Well uses Google Font’s new font directory to display the unique Droid Sans and Droid Serif fonts.  To make the top line appear as a title in the description of photo, link, audio, video, and quote posts simply bold the entire line and the theme will convert it to the uppercase, sans serif titles.

Typekit Support 

Want ultimate control over the typography in Inspire Well? New to Inspire Well 1.4 is full integration of Typekit in the appearance options. Here are the basic steps involved in setting up Typekit for your site:

  1. Register for a Typekit account - Typekit offers several affordable yearly accounts, but you can always go with the free plan with access to their trial library.
  2. Browse through the library and click + Add to Kit after you’ve selected the body and title font for your site.
  3. While you have the Typekit Editor open go through the list of Weights & Styles (screenshot) selecting only the fonts that you need. This is typically regular, regular italic, bold and bold italic.
  4. Once you have your two fonts selected hit the green Publish button at the bottom right (screenshot).
  5. Go to back to Tumblr and open Customize > Appearance, find the Typekit ID field and paste in your Typekit ID. You can find the ID by opening the Typekit Editor and clicking Embed Code at the top right. You only want to copy and paste the 7-8 character ID at the bottom (screenshot).
  6. Now paste in the font-family values for the body and title fonts into Customize > Appearance. You will find it by clicking Advanced below the Selectors on the left (screenshot).
    Example: “proxima-nova-1”,”proxima-nova-2”,sans-serif

Tip: Even if you don’t use Typekit you can use the Typekit Body Font and Typekit Title Font options to paste in other standard font-family fonts.

Customization Options

Inside the Customize > Appearance menu you have the ability to control and define almost 40 options to make your site unique.  Here’s a list of all the available options:

Background color
Use the color picker to select overall site background.  To show the solid background color make sure you clear out the background image. 

Accent color
This option sets the color of all the site links, solid color blocks, and rollovers.  In this preview site the accent color is the bright green. 

Inverse accent color
This option controls the color that shows up on top of the accent color.  In this preview site the inverse accent color is the white on top of the bright green blocks. 

Background image
Upload a new background image to display on your site.  By default the theme will position your image at the top left and tile it throughout the page.  If you want to change the position and repeat values of the background image you can do so in Advanced > Custom CSS 

All posts xs size
Forces all the posts to the small one column width size on the home, search, tag, and date pages.  Once you click through to the permalink it will show the post at the default two column size. 

All posts default size
Force all the posts to the default two column width regardless of the post “xs” and “xl” tags. 

All posts xl size
Force all the posts to the extra large three column width.  In the “xl” size the theme will scale up embeds and attempt to use full-res images. 

Use lightbox for full size images
This option enables the overlay window that allows visiters to view your full-res images in an overlay window without living your site. 

Use custom fonts
This option enables the use of Google Fonts for custom typography. 

Show portrait in description
Displays your portrait icon in the description field 

Show social links
By default this option is on, but if you don’t want to show any social link icons you can deselect this option. 

Use progressive load
It is now recommended that all sites use the progressive load feature. The new updates in 1.2.0 make loading virtually instant.

Keep posts out of the first column
Force all posts to the left of the first details column.

Enable infinite scrolling
This is an experimental option that will load in your posts as you scroll. After loading several hundred posts it is possible to run into issues that could lead to the browser crashing.

Additional pages title
Define the title that shows above your site’s pages 

Twitter feed title
Define the title that shows above your Twitter feed

Find me on title
Define the title that shows above your social site icons 

Posts I like title
Define the title that shows above the posts you like 

Disqus username
Add your Disqus username to enable comments on your site.  By default Disqus will add in “comments” after the number of comments.  It is highly recommended that you change it to only display the comment count in your Disqus settings—reference this screenshot.

Google Analytics ID
Add your Google Analytics ID to track you site’s visitors  

Clicky ID
If you want to see more real-time data of who’s on your site right now you can add in your GetClicky ID

Social Site Icon Links
The follow sites listed below have icons associated in the theme that you can enable by entering in a link to your profile: 

  • Behance 
  • Cargo Collective 
  • Delicious 
  • Digg 
  • Dribbble 
  • Ember 
  • Etsy 
  • Facebook 
  • FFFFound 
  • Flickr 
  • Forrst
  • Gowalla 
  • LastFM 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Skype username URL
  • Slideshare 
  • Soundcloud
  • Stumbled Upon 
  • Twitter 
  • Vimeo 
  • YouTube 
  • Email address


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